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Lifter's Name Harper Manz Gender M
Club Burleigh Barbell Club State QLD
Coach Callum Hannay
Age Group Junior Weightlifting Age 18 (Born 2004)

Personal Bests


Competition History

JME Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Gold Coast49.8034457916/09/2017132.639UNGRADED
Queensland Cup50.00(+6) 40(+1) 46(+7) 867/10/2017143.917UNGRADED
Qld All Schools Championships49.95(+2) 42(+8) 54(+10) 9611/11/2017160.784UNGRADED
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 151.55(+3) 45(+6) 60(+9) 10527/01/2018171.420UNGRADED
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships52.30(+4) 49(+0) 60(+4) 10919/05/2018175.917UNGRADED
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 255.364967(+7) 11623/06/2018179.174UNGRADED
AWF U15 & U17 Championships53.80(+1) 50(+-2) 651157/07/2018181.545K
Queensland Junior & Senior Championships54.68(+2) 52(+3) 70(+6) 12221/07/2018190.214K
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 354.20(+5) 57(+3) 73(+8) 13013/10/2018204.057J
Queensland All Schools Championships54.30(+1) 58(+2) 75(+3) 13310/11/2018208.471J
Uesaka Queensland Cup56.00(+2) 60(+-2) 7313324/11/2018203.668K
QWA League Round 258.30(+3) 63(+5) 80(+10) 1437/04/2019212.615J
Physique Science Qld Club Challenge Round 2 – Burleigh Barbell Club58.35(+3) 66(+3) 83(+6) 14917/05/2019221.401I
Queensland Junior & U23 Championships57.9064781421/06/2019212.181J
Queensland Youth & U15 Championships58.20(+4) 70(+2) 85(+6) 15527/07/2019230.742I
Australian U20 & U23 Championships58.08(+3) 73(+-2) 83(+1) 15616/08/2019232.577I
Australian U15 & U17 Championships58.157186(+1) 15728/09/2019233.866I
Queensland All Schools Championships59.107287(+2) 1599/11/2019234.112I
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships61.70(+3) 76(+3) 90(+7) 1667/03/2020237.194I
2020 Qld U15 & Youth Championships62.20(+4) 80(+2) 92(+6) 17215/08/2020244.422H
2020 Qld Senior Championships62.14(+1) 81(+3) 95(+4) 1769/10/2020250.270H
2020 Qld All Schools & U13 Tournament - Tallebudgerra63.95(+1) 82(+-5) 901727/11/2020239.930H
BUBC Physique Science QWA Club Challenge Round 164.20(+4) 86(+0) 95(+5) 1815/02/2021251.838H
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition63.88(+4) 90(+5) 100(+9) 19020/03/2021265.231G
Burleigh Barbell Competition63.70879518224/04/2021254.538H
Qld State Youth/U15 Championships in conjunction with U13 Event64.3588104(+2) 19212/06/2021266.734G
AWF Youth & Under 15 Championships64.30(+1) 91(+-4) 1001913/07/2021265.480G
Qld Senior Championships F49kg - F64kg; M55kg - M81kg64.358410518930/07/2021262.566G
QWA Qld All Schools Championships65.6089110(+7) 19924/10/2021273.028G
BUBC - Physique Science QWA Club Challenge - Round 266.15759216725/06/2022227.903I

Competition Attempts

JME Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Gold Coast49.8031343739434534457916/09/2017
Queensland Cup50.003236403742464046867/10/2017
Qld All Schools Championships49.9535384247505442549611/11/2017
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 151.55404345505560456010527/01/2018
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships52.30464949606464496010919/05/2018
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 255.36464952616467496711623/06/2018
AWF U15 & U17 Championships53.8046495062656950651157/07/2018
Queensland Junior & Senior Championships54.68475052646870527012221/07/2018
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 354.20505457677073577313013/10/2018
Queensland All Schools Championships54.30525558697275587513310/11/2018
Uesaka Queensland Cup56.00545760707376607313324/11/2018
QWA League Round 258.3060636580838363801437/04/2019
Physique Science Qld Club Challenge Round 2 – Burleigh Barbell Club58.35606366788183668314917/05/2019
Queensland Junior & U23 Championships57.9058616474767864781421/06/2019
Queensland Youth & U15 Championships58.20646770798285708515527/07/2019
Australian U20 & U23 Championships58.08677073808386738315616/08/2019
Australian U15 & U17 Championships58.15686871808386718615728/09/2019
Queensland All Schools Championships59.1069727581848772871599/11/2019
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships61.7070737682869076901667/03/2020
2020 Qld U15 & Youth Championships62.20737780889296809217215/08/2020
2020 Qld Senior Championships62.1477818588929581951769/10/2020
2020 Qld All Schools & U13 Tournament - Tallebudgerra63.95788285909010082901727/11/2020
BUBC Physique Science QWA Club Challenge Round 164.20808690909510086951815/02/2021
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition63.8883879093971009010019020/03/2021
Burleigh Barbell Competition63.708387929599102879518224/04/2021
Qld State Youth/U15 Championships in conjunction with U13 Event64.3584848895991048810419212/06/2021
AWF Youth & Under 15 Championships64.3082879195100105911001913/07/2021
Qld Senior Championships F49kg - F64kg; M55kg - M81kg64.35848990951001058410518930/07/2021
QWA Qld All Schools Championships65.608589921001051108911019924/10/2021
BUBC - Physique Science QWA Club Challenge - Round 266.157075809292759216725/06/2022

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events2684%82%83%
Higher Events (National/International)483%75%79%
All Events (Overall)3082%83%83%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 27 events-3kg - 27 events
When missed-5kg - 2 events-11kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ73M55QLDU2313/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
CJ73M55QLDUnder 1513/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH57M55QLDU2313/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH57M55QLDUnder 1513/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL130M55QLDU2313/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL130M55QLDUnder 1513/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
CJ75M55AWFUnder 1510/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
CJ75M55QLDU2310/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
CJ75M55QLDUnder 1510/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
SNATCH58M55AWFUnder 1510/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
SNATCH58M55QLDU2310/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
SNATCH58M55QLDUnder 1510/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL133M55AWFUnder 1510/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL133M55QLDU2310/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL133M55QLDUnder 1510/Nov/2018Broken by Logan Weaver
CJ73M61QLDUnder 1524/Nov/2018Broken by Luke Bidgood
SNATCH60M61QLDUnder 1524/Nov/2018Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL133M61QLDUnder 1524/Nov/2018Broken by Harper Manz
CJ80M61QLDUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Harper Manz
CJ80M61AWFUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH63M61QLDUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH63M61AWFUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL143M61QLDUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL143M61AWFUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH64M61QLDUnder 1501/Jun/2019Broken by Harper Manz
CJ85M61AWFUnder 1527/Jul/2019Broken by Johan Roberts
CJ85M61QLDUnder 1527/Jul/2019Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH70M61QLDUnder 1527/Jul/2019Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH70M61AWFUnder 1527/Jul/2019Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL155M61QLDUnder 1527/Jul/2019Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL155M61AWFUnder 1527/Jul/2019Broken by Harper Manz
SNATCH73M61AWFUnder 1516/Aug/2019Broken by Joshua Strange
SNATCH73M61QLDUnder 1516/Aug/2019Broken by Joshua Strange
TOTAL156M61AWFUnder 1516/Aug/2019Broken by Johan Roberts
TOTAL156M61QLDUnder 1516/Aug/2019Broken by Harper Manz
CJ86M61AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Johan Roberts
CJ86M61QLDUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL157M61AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Johan Roberts
TOTAL157M61QLDUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL159M61AWFUnder 1509/Nov/2019Broken by Joshua Strange
TOTAL159M61QLDUnder 1509/Nov/2019Broken by Joshua Strange
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