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Lifter's Name Paul Teede Gender M
Club Unattached State ACT
Age Group Mast 45-49 Weightlifting Age 46 (Born 1975)

Personal Bests


Competition History

ACT Inter Club Tournament84.70820023/02/20130.000UNGRADED
ACT Inter Club Tournament84.90(+2) 84(+108) 108(+192) 19220/04/2013228.084I
ACT State Championships84.80(+1) 85(+7) 115(+8) 20013/12/2014237.722I
Weightlifting ACT State Meet #1 201585.90(+4) 89(+5) 120(+9) 2091/03/2015246.917H
Weightlifting ACT State Meet #2 201584.40(+4) 93(+-2) 118(+2) 21119/04/2015251.362H
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships84.65901212116/06/2015251.008H
Weightlifting ACT State 2015 Titles84.60(+4) 97(+0) 121(+7) 21811/07/2015259.409G
Interclub Comp #189.008711820513/02/2016238.315H
Open Club Competition #188.168211219418/01/2020226.483I

Competition Attempts

ACT Inter Club Tournament84.70808286820023/02/2013
ACT Inter Club Tournament84.908084841081121128410819220/04/2013
ACT State Championships84.808585851151181188511520013/12/2014
Weightlifting ACT State Meet #1 201585.90838589114117120891202091/03/2015
Weightlifting ACT State Meet #2 201584.408390931141181229311821119/04/2015
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships84.65859095116121125901212116/06/2015
Weightlifting ACT State 2015 Titles84.608891971181211249712121811/07/2015
Interclub Comp #189.008787871141181188711820513/02/2016
Open Club Competition #188.167582891021071128211219418/01/2020

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events870%56%64%
Higher Events (National/International)167%67%67%
All Events (Overall)967%62%65%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-8kg - 5 events9kg - 8 events
When missed-3kg - 3 eventsN/A

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH82M85ACTMast 35-3923/Feb/2013Broken by Paul Teede
SNATCH82M85ACTSenior23/Feb/2013Broken by Michal Dunski
SNATCH84M85ACTMast 35-3920/Apr/2013Broken by Paul Teede
CJ108M85ACTMast 35-3920/Apr/2013Broken by Paul Teede
TOTAL192M85ACTMast 35-3920/Apr/2013Broken by Paul Teede
TOTAL200M85ACTMast 35-3913/Dec/2014Broken by Mark Muir
CJ115M85ACTMast 35-3913/Dec/2014Broken by Mark Muir
SNATCH85M85ACTMast 35-3913/Dec/2014Broken by Mark Muir
SNATCH89M94ACTMast 40-4401/Mar/2015Broken by Paul Teede
TOTAL209M94ACTMast 40-4401/Mar/2015Broken by Paul Teede
CJ120M94ACTMast 40-4401/Mar/2015Broken by Paul Teede
TOTAL211M85ACTMast 40-4419/Apr/2015Broken by Paul Teede
SNATCH93M85ACTMast 40-4419/Apr/2015Broken by Paul Teede
CJ118M85ACTMast 40-4419/Apr/2015Broken by Paul Teede
CJ121M85ACTMast 40-4406/Jun/2015Broken by Mark Muir
TOTAL218M85ACTMast 40-4411/Jul/2015Broken by Mark Muir
SNATCH97M85ACTMast 40-4411/Jul/2015Broken by Mark Muir
CJ112M89ACTMast 45-4918/Jan/2020Current Record
CJ112M89AWFMast 45-4918/Jan/2020Broken by Justin Brown
SNATCH82M89ACTMast 45-4918/Jan/2020Current Record
TOTAL194M89ACTMast 45-4918/Jan/2020Current Record
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